The results are in: EcoDataCenter’s NPS surpasses global average by 270%

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At EcoDataCenter, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. We’re more than delighted to share that our latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) has reached an impressive 84 out of 100. This achievement reinforces our belief that we can prioritize both the well-being of the planet and our customers simultaneously. But what does it mean, how did we get here, and what are we doing next?

Our recent NPS, surpassing both the global average of 31 and the industry average of 61, is a reflection of a profound collaborative effort between our dedicated team and our invaluable customers. This margin is not so much an indication of us outdoing others but rather a testament to our collective commitment to excel – both within our industry and globally.

We are, because you are

We are humbled by the continued support and loyalty of our customers. Their feedback plays an essential role in our growth and development, as it influences all decision-making and strategic planning. This close collaboration is, without a doubt, a cornerstone of our success. It's a genuine team effort, with each side bringing unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Customer feedback and how we act upon it are intertwined - one cannot succeed without the other. And while we stand behind our products and services, what truly matters is their perspective:

Voices from our NPS survey

“Trustworthy, green and innovative.”

“Very accommodating and supportive. Great organization.”

“EcoDataCenter are always there for us and delivers to the highest level, and are always very service-oriented and knowledgeable.”

Equally important, we'd like to express our sincere thanks to our dedicated employees. Their consistent effort to meet and exceed customer expectations plays a significant role in our success.

Together, we form a vibrant community where customers and employees inspire and learn from each other. This exchange is our driving force, constantly challenging us to improve, to reach further, and to continually evolve.

What does this mean for our future?

EcoDataCenter is excited to build upon this success and use it as motivation to further improve our performance. Our focus remains on providing even better service to our customers in the future. 

As part of this commitment, we recently embarked on our most ambitious project to date, EcoDataCenter 2 – a new 32-acre industrial establishment where we collaborate with institutions and companies by sharing great ideas, working together, and focusing on resource efficiency.

Moreover, with a recent significant investment of EUR 446 million from our owner to fuel our growth plans, we’re even more poised to expand hand in hand with our customers. The capital will be used to further improve our service and drive the green transition within the data center industry.

“The capital will enable us to execute our strategy of delivering more sustainable data center services to clients and to become a leading data center company in the Nordics.” – Dan Andersson, CEO of EcoDataCenter.

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