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How EcoDataCenter broke the internet of sustainable engineering in 2023

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This is the story of EcoDataCenter's 2023. A year where we didn't just grow but changed the playing field of sustainable engineering. It's been full of groundbreaking developments, from being recognized for hosting a globally top-ranked supercomputer to expanding our data centers. Ready to take part in our landmark year? Read on.

A global technological achievement

This year, EcoDataCenter played a pivotal role in a technological triumph. Language service provider DeepL’s supercomputer cluster, housed at our EcoDataCenter 1 facility in Falun, Sweden, was recognized as Sweden’s most powerful supercomputer and the world's 34th largest according to the Top500 list.

This recognition underscores the synergy between EcoDataCenter's commitment to sustainability and our capacity to host immense computational power. It also proves our ongoing mission: combining world-class technological innovations with environmentally conscious practices.

The milestone, marking a significant chapter in EcoDataCenter’s story, sets a new benchmark in sustainable computing on a global scale.

Expanding EcoDataCenter 1's capacity

During 2023, we launched a project to double the capacity of our EcoDataCenter 1 facility. Driven by a surge in demand, particularly since the rise of AI and DeepL’s recent move, the expansion is a response to our ongoing success in enabling the green transition and the growing global interest in sustainable data centers.

With an investment of €200 million, this elevates EcoDataCenter 1 to one of Sweden's largest data centers. The expansion also holds significant importance for the local municipality, as it will require 300 construction workers per day during the construction period, along with creating about 30 permanent jobs.

The first phase of the expansion is set to be completed by Q3 2024, and the full build-out by Q2 2025, ultimately increasing the site's total capacity to 45 MW.

EcoDataCenter 2: A new paradigm in data center design

We also unveiled EcoDataCenter 2 in Östersund, Sweden, which is a groundbreaking facility employing circular design principles. This establishment, boasting 150MW, utilizes a circular system for resource management, integrating green energy sources like hydropower and wind power.

The center’s unique approach includes using waste heat for food production through fish farming and greenhouses in collaboration with environmental technology company WA3RM. EcoDataCenter 2, which is wooden-built and utilizes 100% renewable electricity, also contributes to local community development by creating hundreds of jobs annually and prioritizing local labor and materials. Moreover, this project improves the distribution of arable land in Sweden, further underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

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A major financial milestone

It doesn’t end there. Together with our owner, we also achieved a significant financial milestone by raising €700 million in funding. This includes €170 million in debt financing and €447 million in committed capital, showing strong confidence from both financial institutions and investors. It also showcases the world’s growing recognition for sustainable data center operations.

— This funding is a critical component of our growth strategy and a testament to the exciting journey we are on with the support of significant partners from global capital markets, says Peter Michelson, CEO at EcoDataCenter.

New leadership for the ‘Green Transition’

In another game-changing move, EcoDataCenter welcomed Peter Michelson as our new CEO in October 2023. Michelson, formerly Head of Ericsson's global cloud and IT business, brings a wealth of expertise in infrastructure and digitalization. His experience and appointment align perfectly with EcoDataCenter’s principles and our ambition to lead the green transition in digitalization.

This change in leadership coincided with EcoDataCenter's recent development projects. Under Michelson's guidance, we're well-positioned to enhance our service offerings in the AI space and continue with significant projects like EcoDataCenter 2.

If our year inspires you or sparks curiosity about how we can support your sustainable data initiatives, we're just a message away.