EcoDataCenter strives to achieve transparency and high level of business ethics.
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EcoDataCenter shall be a role model of sustainable business, including the environment, business ethics, anti-corruption, gender equality, diversity, working conditions, and human rights.

We want to live as teach and therefore the aim is that the whistleblowing service should not be used. Code of Conduct describes the company’s way of conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. It describes the principles we follow and gives us practical guidance in our daily work and business decisions.

Since December 2021, Sweden has a new whistleblower law, the Whistleblowing Act (2021:890), the protection of persons reporting misconduct. The Whistleblower Act provides protection for people who report misconduct in a work-related context that is of public interest.

Our whistleblowing channel offers a possibility to alert the organization about misconduct or suspected irregularities in a confidential way. The reporting channel is an important tool for reducing risks and to maintain trust in our operations by enabling us to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage.

Through the whistleblowing function you as an employee, consultant or partner report serious irregularities and misconduct independent of the geographical location and under total anonymity. It can be about potential breaches of the Code of Conduct, things that are illegal, unethical, racist discriminating or inappropriate in any other way. It is not for reporting minor wrongdoing or general dissatisfaction and complaints. Anyone with concerns should at firsthand contact the manager responsible for the activity where the irregularity occurs. If this is inappropriate, contact the HR department.

To report potential breaches of EcoDataCenter’s Code of Conduct, local laws and regulations, or raise concerns about other serious issues in our operations, please submit a report via this link: Whistleblowing EcoDataCenter

The report goes to the HR Manager and an external company. The whistleblower will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the report within 7 days. The whistleblowing team will revert with questions, clarifications, and feedback regarding the reported case within 3 months upon the date of receiving the report. The report can be made both openly and anonymously.

EcoDataCenter will not accept any discrimination or retaliation against persons who have reported suspected violations in good faith. All reports are handled confidentially. The whistleblower function is provided by an external supplier.

Questions relating to the whistleblowing channel can be directed to HR Manager Karin Wigert karin.wigert@ecodatacenter.se