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A circular focus in our biggest project yet:
EcoDataCenter 2

A new era of sustainable data centers has begun – in Östersund

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Linear thinking is behind us. It’s time to become sustainable, circular and ensure an expanded and efficient joint resource utilization. Our upcoming EcoDataCenter 2 powers growth, progress, and increases self-sufficiency in food in a new way.

Enabling the green transition with the data center 2.0

We want to contribute to a future founded on green, renewable energy where institutions and companies collaborate by sharing great ideas, working together, and focusing on resource efficiency.
EcoDataCenter 2 is the 2.0 of our EcoDataCenter 1. A new industrial establishment where we collaborate with partners who share our ambitions and goals. Our energy hub will work in perfect symbiosis with WA3RM. Jämtkraft will provide green energy, which will help electrify the municipality of Östersund.
The project is unique in its execution, both in terms of the size of the project and that the design is developed for a circular establishment right from the start. With this, we bring Sweden and our customers into the next stage of the green transition.

The establishment

Like our other centers, it will be wooden-built, and the electricity consumed will be 100% renewable.

The greenhouse

The waste heat from EcoDataCenter 2 will contribute to a large area of food production. A considerable investment we expect to continue to build upon with additional investments in the future.


With 15g CO2eq/kWh, it is among the lowest carbon-intense grids in the world.


When the first phase will be ready for service.

-31 degrees

The coldest day in Österund, 2022.


This is our progress so far. The timeline will be updated continuously.

Project launch

April 20, 2023

First phase of 20 MW ready


Project completed with 150 MW


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Peter Michelson

Now, we take aim again in creating a world leading ecosystem

Peter Michelson – CEO, EcoDataCenter

Meeting the future requirements of sustainability, technology, and circularity.

This is a new kind of ecosystem where we think circular from the beginning.

We are ready for the green transition. Are you?

Data will continue to grow heavily. Data centers are built worldwide to handle the increasing amount of data affected by the rapid progress of AI, various connected products, services, and more.
Data centers are essential to services we cannot live without, such as healthcare and financial transactions. But data centers consume large amounts of energy, and many newly-built data centers do not meet the sustainability, technology, and circularity requirements.

We must rethink green infrastructure and dare to invest in collaborations that allow data centers to partner with other entities and be a part of our future society. The ambition of EcoDataCenter 2 is to set a new standard for data centers in Sweden, Europe, and even globally. Be part of the future.

Frequently asked questions

General questions

What are you going to do in Östersund?

We will build a data center, EcoDataCenter 2, which will be one of the largest data centers in Sweden. A total of SEK 18 billion will be invested in Östersund until 2033 to give the industry access to computing power with a low climate footprint and to create a circular system for food production. In addition, large-scale food production is planned to help make Sweden more self-sufficient in food and create many jobs. Instead of releasing the waste heat that always occurs in a data center, a circular system is created where the waste heat is used to heat the greenhouses. The initiative in Östersund is a collaboration between EcoDataCenter, WA3RM, Östersund Municipality and Jämtkraft.

Does the data center cost 18 billion?

We are three actors who will invest in this venture; EcoDataCenter, WA3RM and Jämtkraft. The majority of the investment will be made by EcoDataCenter. We are owned by Areim with large institutional investors as customers. They, like many other investors, want to invest in green solutions and this venture is a good example of that.

Why do you want to locate a data center in Östersund?

The demand for computing power by companies is expected to quadruple in the coming years. Building data centers in Sweden has a major climate advantage thanks to our clean electricity and our cold climate that can be used for cooling. For example, German data centers have about 50 times higher climate impact than the most sustainable data centers in Sweden. In Östersund, thanks to Jämtkraft, there is access to renewable energy and a desire to drive the green transition.

What is a data center?

Data centers may look like anonymous buildings, but they are part of a critical digital infrastructure and are essential for businesses and organizations to manage data and perform advanced data calculations, including those required to realize the industry's green transition. Specifically, data centers enable, for example, doctors to see your medical records, goods to be delivered to your grocery store, and your salary to be deposited into your account every month. We want to build data centers that add more value and benefit society here in Östersund, so we are planning for a circular system together with WA3RM.

How many people will work on this?

During construction, an estimated 300 workers will be needed. Our plan is to use local labor for the construction, just like when we built the EcoDataCenter in Falun. When the establishment is completed in 2033, the entire initiative is expected to create about 800-1,000 new jobs, including both the data center and food production, with the food part accounting for the majority. The initiative is a so-called anchor establishment, which enables Jämtkraft to provide the region with 500 MW of power. This facilitates further industrial establishments and the electrification of the municipality of Östersund.

What is the financing plan?

This investment, which when fully developed will total SEK 18 billion, is an important part of the industry's green transition. We have well-capitalized owners in Areim with large institutional investors as customers. Like many other investors, they want to invest in green solutions, and this initiative is a good example of that.

When will it be completed?

The data center is being built in stages and will consist of several buildings. We hope to break ground in 2024 and the first phase will be completed in 2026. The entire facility is expected to be fully developed by 2033. The large-scale cultivation will be built in parallel with the data center as this activity is largely dependent on the heat deliveries from the data center.

Who is EcoDataCenter?

EcoDataCenter is a leader in sustainable data centers and operates one of the world's most sustainable data centers in Falun, EcoDataCenter 1, where they currently use the residual electricity to produce pellets through a collaboration with Falu Energi och Vatten. By rethinking how we design critical infrastructure, EcoDataCenter makes it possible to reduce the climate impact of the world's increasing need for data. EcoDataCenter was founded in 2014 and opened the doors to EcoDataCenter 1 in 2019. EcoDataCenter is one of the few Swedish-owned data center companies. 
We at EcoDataCenter want all Swedish data centers to focus on what we do best: Enabling digitalization. Societal benefit is best created by providing secure data services and driving innovation and development in Sweden, not by operating in the speculative and energy-intensive crypto market that also benefits only a few. We have therefore taken the decision in principle not to allow the mining of cryptocurrencies in our data centers, to instead focus on activities that actually make society better.

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Carl Romlin

Carl Romlin

Chief Expansion Officer

Carl is responsible for the work around the establishment, collaborations, project planning, and construction.

Are you in need of a data center today? Explore our state-of-the-art, sustainable facility in Falun


EcoDataCenter 1 – World class sustainability and flexibility today

The state-of-the-art EcoDataCenter 1 in Falun runs on 100% fossil-free electricity and is the world’s first data center built of wood. It is our first site that was designed, built, and operated by us. With a unique heat re-use solution, the site has been awarded the world’s most sustainable data center by Data Centre Magazine. If you’re looking for a sustainable, safe, reliable data center, check out our site in Falun.