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Say Hi to Martin!

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Martin is our newest team member and will focus on helping clients to a more sustainable digital infrastructure. We are super happy he has decided to join us and our mission to enable the green transition. Want to know Martin a little bit better? We asked Martin a few quick fire questions.  


Why EcoDataCenter?

I believe that EcoDataCenter is the most exciting company in the Swedish data center market, with a unique and attractive offer that strongly contributes to the green digital transformation. EcoDataCenter has proven to be a professional partner to both domestic and international customers and with the investments made there is every opportunity to be a leading player that helps companies and society at large to realize their digital ambitions without compromising on sustainability.


What will you do?

I will work with sales and business development, both towards existing and new customers. Mostly I will work towards the private and public sector in Sweden, and I am convinced that many are interested in EcoDataCenter's offer.


What do you prefer to do when you are not working/interested?

I like to spend time with family and friends. I am interested in sports and enjoy all kinds of ball sports, both as a player and a spectator. I also like to travel a lot, so it's nice that it's allowed again.


Why is the data center industry interesting?

The data center industry is at the heart of digitalization and the most profitable way for many companies is to use a colocation provider to manage their hybrid cloud strategy. Already today, the industry has a nice growth and new technologies such as AI/ML and expanded use of 5G will generate huge amounts of data that need to be managed in a secure way in the future. In my opinion, EcoDataCenter has the best offer to manage these data volumes with its unique offer to HPC customers.


If you want to reach out to Martin his email is