Guests on The Switch Podcast

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Listen to a great conversation when our Senior Advisor Lars Schedin was a guest on The Switch Podcast. 

Here is how the podcast describes the episode:

Awareness, and perhaps even shame, around the issue of greenhouse gas emissions from flying are growing. But have you considered the emissions caused by streaming your favorite series, posting on social media, or storing your documents in the cloud?

Emissions from the data centers that drive our social networks and online storage facilities are often overlooked but they reportedly account more emissions than that of commercial flights.

Lars Schedin, co-founder of EcoDataCenter, thinks data centers must be part of the solution to a low-carbon economy, and that consumers, businesses and policy makers should demand a shift to less impactful solutions. On the new episode of The Switch Podcast, we spoke to Lars about ways data centers contribute to global emissions, and how they can combat this.

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