Sweden leads the way to more sustainable data centers

Sweden leads the way to more sustainable data centers

Swedish company EcoDataCenter is creating a circular system around a new data center that will also enable food production. The site called EcoDataCenter 2 will be built in Östersund, Sweden, and will be one of the largest in the country.

– Digitalization is crucial to the success of the green transition and depends on a green digital infrastructure that can handle the growing amount of data. EcoDataCenter 2 will be a key to the transition and plays an important part for both companies as well as global climate goals, said Dan Andersson, CEO of EcoDataCenter.

EcoDataCenter 2 will be one of the largest data centers in Sweden with a total of SEK 18 billion invested. When completed in 2033, the entire initiative is expected to create 800–1 000 new jobs. Renewable energy will be reused to increase the self-sufficiency of foods in a region where the cold climate makes food production hard.

The establishment is a collaboration between EcoDataCenter and Wa3rm, a company focused on residual streams. Wa3rm is responsible for food production in the establishment.

– The uniqueness of this project is that we are designing something circular from the very start. It is not something we add on at the end or to something already existing, said Jacques Ejlerskov, CEO of WA3RM.

Data centers are facing more regulatory challenges from the EU and specific countries. Germany will this year implement stricter efficiency demands from new data centers.

– We need to see data centers as part of something bigger and act accordingly. Every aspect, from where they are located, what materials are they built with and how can we enable other industries to be established needs to be taken into consideration, said Dan Andersson.

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John Wernvik, Chief Marketing Officer, EcoDataCenter, +46 70-899 31 66, john.wernvik@ecodatacenter.se
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About the initiative in Östersund

The initiative in Östersund is a collaboration between EcoDataCenter, WA3RM, Östersund municipality and Jämtkraft. Fully developed in 2033, the initiative involves an investment of SEK 18 billion and is expected to create 800-1,000 new jobs. An estimated 300 workers will be needed during construction. In the first phase, the concept will be built on 15 hectares. The investment is an anchor establishment that enables Jämtkraft to bring in 500 MW to the region, which will contribute to more industrial establishments and to the electrification of Östersund municipality. The establishment will take place in stages. The construction is expected to take place in 2024, the first phase will be carried out in 2026 and full completion is expected in 2033.