EcoDataCenter invests close to SEK 1 billion to build an additional data center

EcoDataCenter invests close to SEK 1 billion to build an additional data center

Driven by strong demand for sustainable data center services, EcoDataCenter invests close to SEK 1 billion in building a new data center. When the new building is established, EcoDataCenter will offer the market an additional available capacity of 15MW.

The purpose of the new data center is to offer customers increased flexibility and scalability. With the new building, EcoDataCenter can meet their customers’ need for additional capacity at short notice.  

With secured access to sustainable data center services, future growth is enabled. The new data center also offers space to accommodate new customers with significant capacity needs. 

“We are building to help existing customers expand and to meet increased interest from large European companies. More and more companies are discovering the benefits of having their data in Sweden. When customers choose us, they get a provider that can offer an extremely secure and scalable solution that also has a minimal carbon footprint”, Anders Fryxell, Sales Director EcoDataCenter, says. 

As the existing data center, EcoDataCenter will build the new facility in wood with the frame, interior walls, and ceiling in cross-laminated timber and glulam. Wood is an energy-efficient and renewable building material, which gives the building a low climate impact, an essential parameter in the data center’s climate calculation. 

Thanks to EcoDataCenter’s integration with Falu Energi & Vatten, heat is recaptured into a district heating system for the municipality of Falun, as well into a pellets factory, a unique solution for efficient heat recovery. 

“The investment in the new building is a significant step towards our goal of becoming the leading data center provider in the Nordic region. The new data center will help more Swedish and international companies decrease the carbon footprint of their data center services”, Dan Andersson, CEO of EcoDataCenter, concludes.

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Dan Andersson, CEO, EcoDataCenter, +46 70 485 88 68,

About EcoDataCenter

With innovative Swedish design and world-leading technology we build and operate large-scale data centers for Colocation, HPC, and Wholesale. Our offering consists of scalable data center services with world-class sustainability, security, performance and a highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership. Our ambition is to make our customers’ IT operations more secure and sustainable than ever. Our Main Site in Falun is the world’s first climate-positive data center. EcoDataCenter intends to grow further by acquiring and establishing additional data centers. The main shareholder is Areim.