With a sustainable power supply and the capacity to meet even the most demanding data processing needs, we provide a range of wholesale options to meet your specific requirements.
Renewed electricity on-site

Our sites are powered by renewed electricity.

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All of EcoDataCenter sites offer Wholesale.

Wholesale at EcoDataCenter

Flexible and quick RFS

Your one-stop-shop for creating a sustainable IT world. Building your own IT environment can be costly and time-consuming. Let us take care of it for you with our secure and efficient wholesale solutions. We'll create your optimal IT environment quickly, so you can focus on your business, not skyrocketing investment costs and time-consuming construction. Take the first step towards a sustainable future with EcoDataCenter's wholesale solutions.

Future-Ready Data Center

Join the future of data center solutions with EcoDataCenter. As your long-term partner, we offer unparalleled flexibility, sustainability, and security for your business operations. Choose from renting a room, a suite, a module, or an entire building, and enjoy the benefits of reduced CAPEX, increased independence, and access to our expert teams and 24/7 monitoring. Discover the future of data center solutions with EcoDataCenter today.

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Join the future of data center solutions with EcoDataCenter and become a long-term partner


EcoDataCenter 1

Unparalleled efficiency and sustainability with our wholesale data center solutions at our Data Center in Falun. Designed and operated with the latest technology and renewable energy sources, our data center offers the highest capacity and minimal environmental impact, making it the ideal choice for your wholesale data center needs


Data Center Piteå

Expand your business in an arctic paradise with our wholesale data center solutions at our Data Center Piteå. Take advantage of this exceptional capacity and the natural beauty of the arctic to drive your operations to new heights.

Tellus solar-4

Data Center Stockholm

Experience the best of both worlds at our Data Centers in Stockholm. Combining the convenience of an urban location with the environmental benefits of sustainable energy, our City 1 Site stands out with its self-generated solar energy sourced from the solar panels on its roof. This unique feature makes it an ideal complement to our other locations.