2023 Sustainability report

We have taken upon ourselves the responsibility to pioneer new solutions, setting a precedent for the industry in sustainable development of data centers.

Our Ambition

Digitalization and AI are increasing the pressure on the environment and society. Data centers are the backbone of digitalization.

We want to inspire our peers, customers, and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact from digitalization. We want to push the standards for reducing environmental impact from data centers. We want to build data centers that help the local communities where we operate to thrive, using renewable energy and surface water to store or compute information.

Together with our stakeholders, we have identified where we have negative and positive environmental and social impact, as well as risks and opportunities. These material topics have informed our sustainability strategy and targets. We have set targets to protect our planet, to protect people across our value chain, and to ensure a responsible governance of the company and how we do business.


Our targets

Reduce pressure on nature

  • Achieve more than 99% fossil free operations by end of 2028 (blackouts excluded)
  • Achieve minimum 70% reduction of carbon intensity CUE related to Scope 1 and 2 emissions by end of 2028 compared to 2022
  • Define Scope 3 emissions targets by end of 2024
  • Help our partners avoid minimum 200 tons CO2e per year by facilitating reuse of our waste heat
  • Implement low-impact refrigerants below GWP 675 in all new datacenters
  • Achieve minimum 90% recovered solid waste by end of 2028 (including construction waste)
  • Implement take-back programs for e-waste from own operations
  • Discontinue use of precious ground water for cooling by end of 2028
  • Map, reduce, and compensate negative biodiversity impacts by end of 2025

our targets

Responsible Digitalization

  • Zero tolerance for crypto currency activities
  • Zero tolerance for unethical behavior in own operations and value chain
  • Implement a supplier sustainability program for critical suppliers by end of 2025
  • Implement a customer risk assessment process by end of 2025
  • Implement annual sustainability training for all employees beginning in 2024
  • Third-party validation of our sustainability data and performance through EcoVadis, CDP, and ISO 14001 certification.

our targets

Care for People

  • Maintain customer & Employee satisfaction above 80
  • Minimum 20% Women in the whole company by end of 2028
  • Minimum 30% Women in the leadership team by end of 2028
  • Minimum 30% Women in managerial positions by end of 2028
  • Apprenticeships in our own operations and in all our sites for construction works
  • Local contractors and suppliers for all our own operations and construction sites
  • Third-party validation of occupational health and safety system according to ISO 45001 certification by end of 2025
  • Respect for parental leave, freedom of association, and collective bargaining according to The Swedish model