Update: New climate report

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We are now releasing the next version of our climate report. We have updated the methodology to align with new legislation and frameworks. The updated report also includes your share of water use as well as your share of emissions from using our services. 

Future-fit for CSRD and Scope 3 reporting

Some of you will have to report your value chain emissions from suppliers (like us), customers and other indirect emissions from 2024. This is because of the new reporting requirements from the EU, called CSRD. To help you, we have allocated our emissions to your portion of use of energy so that you can report and disclose the information. 

The emissions from your data should be reported under the GHG Protocol Scope 3 Category 8 Upstream leased assets in accordance with the new EU legislation CSRD, and existing frameworks like the GHG Protocol, SBTi, and CDP.

E-liabilities to account for embodied carbon emissions

Just like before, we also account for the embodied carbon emissions. The buildings, the infrastructure, the staff working in our company, and the business travel have also been allocated to your data. However, they are now broken out from your scope 3 emissions and presented as E-liabilities in the climate report. We have created a methodology based on the GHG protocol, while also applying our scope 3 emissions to your consumption, inspired by the carbon accounting methodology developed by the E-liability institute

Here you can read more on the methodology we use 


Do you have questions about the climate report? Please reach out to