How Arctic Space leverage their data center partner to gain a competitive advantage

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Harnessing their data center's security, innovation, and sustainability has enabled Arctic Space – a major player in satellite data communication – to assert a central presence in a competitive landscape. Find out why Arctic Space chose EcoDataCenter's solutions as their operational launchpad and how this decision plays a pivotal role in strengthening their competitive edge and securing new partnerships. 

Arctic Space provides an essential service in the field of satellite communications by, for example, supplying ground segments that host their clients' antennas. In other words, they enable their clients to facilitate data communication through satellites (basically a ground-based wifi solution for space).

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Fredrik Schäder oversees various aspects of Arctic Space's operations, including formulating and executing strategies, managing customer relationships, driving business development initiatives, and leading the company's outward-facing activities. 

Overall, Fredrik is pivotal in shaping the company's strategic direction and ensuring alignment with its long-term goals. He enlightens us:

– For our antenna hosting businesses, you could say that we operate as a highly exclusive landlord. We own land, have touchpoints, and provide clients with the necessary infrastructure for their operations. Not only do we make the design and install for them, but we also ensure everything functions seamlessly with an industrial-leading uptime guarantee. It's a comprehensive service package: from ensuring power supply and fiber connectivity to snow removal and functional generators. This underscores our commitment to our clients and, in turn, the high demand we put on our partners and suppliers.

The right data center, at the right time, in the right place

The partnership between Arctic Space and EcoDataCenter originated from Arctic Space's search for a location able to accommodate their operations. Due to the expansive space needed for their servers and facilities, finding an appropriate site was challenging. However, the municipality of Piteå, Sweden – well-known for its infrastructure and facilities – expressed interest in finding an arrangement. And as luck would have it, the plot they identified was located next to EcoDataCenter’s existing site. 

— EcoDataCenter ticked all our boxes by setting the gold standard in quality, security, and sustainability-focused operations. This complete package is very rare, and it's next to impossible to find a data center in a location where the benefits align so perfectly with our needs, as they do with EcoDataCenter in Piteå. The fact that they were located next door was the cherry on top, says Fredrik Schäder.

Arctic Space remains steadfast in its commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the world of space operations. And recognizing the ongoing shift towards green and sustainable practices within the industry, they understand the significance of aligning with partners who excel in this area:

— As our clients demand more eco-friendly solutions, we need to find ourselves equipped to meet these requirements. Soon, these demands will become standard in contracts and tenders, and we want to be well-positioned to respond. With EcoDataCenter, we’re more than ready.


Piteå stands as an exceptional hub for both data centers and data communication services for several reasons:

  • Transportation: Piteå's robust transport connections make the setup and construction of facilities seamless.
  • Workforce: The ease of recruiting and transporting personnel in Piteå simplifies operations and reduces logistical hurdles.
  • Cold climate: Piteå's mild climate is advantageous for maintaining optimal operation of sensitive technical equipment (free cooling).
  • Geographical advantage: The earth's rotation causes polar orbit satellites to pass over Piteå more frequently than other major cities. This increased coverage maximizes the effectiveness of data communication operations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: All in all, establishing data communications operations in other locations could inflate costs by 300-400% for the same yield. Thus, Piteå offers significant cost benefits.


“An integral part of our offering”

In this partnership, Arctic Space rents rack space from EcoDataCenter for both their own and their clients’ operations. That means they can leverage the data center’s sustainability, security and innovation to augment their offerings and, subsequently, create a highly competitive advantage. 

— Our partnership with EcoDataCenter is crucial for our operations at Arctic Space. It could be the difference between a customer choosing to work with us or not. While we have found success independently, EcoDataCenter’s involvement is now an integral part of our offering, Fredrik continues.

The proximity between Arctic Space's ground station and EcoDataCenter's facility further enhances their value proposition. By eliminating latency and reducing the distance data must travel, Arctic Space can provide unparalleled levels of security and efficiency to their customers. But that’s not all:

— EcoDataCenter's commitment to utilizing 100% renewable energy adds a layer of environmental sustainability to our offering at Arctic Space, states Fredrik. By harnessing this clean and green energy, we can significantly reduce CO2 emissions for both ourselves and our customers. 

A partnership that breeds new collaborations

Arctic Space recently secured a significant contract with OneWeb, a communications firm with over 600 satellites orbiting Earth. This rapidly growing company sets the bar high with standards that require careful attention to detail in every aspect of their operations. And for Arctic Space to meet those requirements, a parallel commitment from EcoDataCenter was necessary – such as accommodating specific cable layouts, design elements and other demands. 

Arctic Space's strategic partnership with EcoDataCenter proved to be a decisive factor in OneWeb's choice to partner with them:

— Winning OneWeb as a client came out of a highly competitive situation. What tipped the scales in our favor was our ability to leverage EcoDataCenter’s sustainability-focused operations and offer a firsthand experience of the data center site. Sharing pictures, 3D renderings, and documents can't compete with the impact of inviting a client to see where the magic happens. This personal touch was instrumental, Fredrik says.

Another notable facet of the agreement is the plan to install 27 antennae, the largest setup of its kind in Sweden. This accomplishment not only establishes Arctic Space in a sector often dominated by state-owned entities but also places Sweden firmly on the industry map.

— OneWeb – one of the largest companies in the sector – choosing to partner with Arctic Space makes a powerful statement, states Fredrik. This development is a thrilling step forward for us. Previously, our image was associated with Viasat – a very exciting connection in itself. Now, we're proud to have another industry giant in our portfolio, reinforcing our position in the field and amplifying our capacity to deliver on a global scale. 

More than just business

— The close collaboration with EcoDataCenter (EDC) has been a key aspect of our success. Their flexible approach and ongoing dialogue have fostered a dynamic relationship, allowing us to swiftly adapt and respond to needs as they arise. We frequently visit their site when we need to familiarize our clients with how their operation functions – and this on-the-ground communication has proven invaluable, Fredrik tells us.

The local cooperation between Fredrik’s team and EcoDataCenter extends beyond just business. 

— We’re collectively fostering growth, not only within our individual companies but also within our community. EcoDataCenter's role as a 'Green Enabler' empowers us to engage in environmentally friendly practices and strike deals with companies like OneWeb.

— In essence, we’re working towards a 'Responsible Space.' By providing infrastructure that's both efficient and environmentally responsible, EcoDataCenter allow businesses like us to thrive in the satellite data communication industry without compromising on sustainability. This is a vital part of our shared mission – creating a world where technology and environmental consciousness go hand in hand.