High-Performance Computing at EcoDataCenter offers customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their data while offering the capacity and scalability to rapidly expand.
Renewed electricity on-site

Our sites are powered by renewed electricity.

Total available power

Optimized for HPC.

Total available space (SQM)

We have the space for your operations.


All of EcoDataCenter sites offer HPC.

HPC at EcoDataCenter

Unlimited potential with our unmatched capacity

Unlock the power of high-performance computing with our unbeatable HPC offering. Experience lightning-fast time to market and quick service readiness. Go green with our highest level of sustainability and enjoy unlimited access to power that's scalable and flexible to meet your every need. Don't wait, upgrade your computing capabilities today with our HPC solution.

We have the expertise

Unleash the full power of your data with our HPC expertise. Partner with us and join the ranks of the world's top companies who trust us to handle their high-performance computing needs at our state-of-the-art data centers. Our data centers are optimized for deep learning, machine learning, AI, and large-language models, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to your business. Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can soar to new heights with your data.

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Ideal for HPC customers with very high requirements for sustainability as well as capacity and scalability


EcoDataCenter 1

In terms of capacity, our Data Center in Falun is unparalleled. From construction and operation to technology selection and energy supply, every aspect is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize impact. This ensures that our Data Center in Falun has the highest capacity possible while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint


Data Center Piteå

Nestled in the heart of Swedish northern forests, and in close proximity to multiple hydropower plants, our data center boast a constant supply of 100% renewable electricity, harnessed from the abundant hydropower sources in the area. Take advantage of this exceptional capacity to drive your operations to new heights

Tellus solar-4

Data Center Stockholm

Experience the best of both worlds at our Data Centers in Stockholm. Combining the convenience of an urban location with the environmental benefits of sustainable energy, our City 1 Site stands out with its self-generated solar energy sourced from the solar panels on its roof. This unique feature makes it an ideal complement to our other locations.