It is easy to be a customer of EcoDataCenter. We offer time- and resource-saving services, so you do not have to send staff to our facilities to perform the most common measures.
Renewed electricity on-site

Our sites are powered by renewed electricity.

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Optimized for Colocation.

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All of EcoDataCenter sites offer Colocation.

Colocation at EcoDataCenter

Future of colocation, today

Experience the true potential of your data with our sustainable colocation solutions. EcoDataCenter brings you the future of colocation, today.

Our commitment to sustainability, world-class security and performance, and unbeatable total cost of ownership (TCO) makes us the leader in the next generation of data centers. Experience the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our colocation solutions.

We take care of you

Our advanced data centers, expert team, and commitment to sustainability, security, and flexibility, offer the best colocation solution in the market. We adapt to future changes and technological shifts, ensuring your data center is always ready to meet the needs of tomorrow. With our clear SLA requirements, Smart Hands and Remote Hands services, and contracted PUE, focus on your core business and rest knowing your data is in good hands.

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We run all our data centers ourselves, resulting in solid knowledge and experience — ready to meet the needs of tomorrow


EcoDataCenter 1

Our data center is designed and operated with efficiency and sustainability in mind, allowing us to offer the highest capacity possible while minimizing our environmental footprint. From cutting-edge technology to renewable energy sources, our Data Center in Falun is the perfect choice for your colocation needs.


Data Center Piteå

Surrounded by picturesque forests and powered by the abundant hydropower sources nearby, our data center offers a constant supply of 100% renewable electricity, providing the perfect setting to drive your business to new heights. Take advantage of our exceptional capacity and harness the power of nature to support your operations.

Tellus solar-4

Data Center Stockholm

Experience the best of both worlds at our Data Centers in Stockholm. Combining the convenience of an urban location with the environmental benefits of sustainable energy, our City 1 Site stands out with its self-generated solar energy sourced from the solar panels on its roof. This unique feature makes it an ideal complement to our other locations.